We offer you our services – fast, high-quality, safe, and the most important, honest transaction support, which includes:
– we shall find the desired property within a short term;
– we shall competently and timely check all the necessary documentation;
– assistance in a bank or non-bank loan arrangements, we cooperate with banks and appraisers;
– advice on taxes, duties and expenses when purchasing real estate;
– we organize the process of paying the purchase fee using an escrow account or keeping money with a notary;
– drawing up contracts, transaction support services;
– we organize the process of registration of the transaction with a notary;
– registration of real estate in the Land Register;
– timely receipt of property for use, without problems and debts.


Registration of documents and the search for real estate for foreign investors.
We render assistance in the selection of the units of property, fully accompany you during the selection of property, help to draw up a contract, compile and submit a package of documents for registration of property.
The turnaround time of the transaction after the selection of real estate is minimal.
With our help, the procedure for purchasing real estate is as simple and transparent as possible, we shall help to avoid all kinds of risks.

If you are interested in, call us, or write.
Thank you and good luck to you!

If necessary, we provide a remote consulting in WhatsApp, ZOOM, Telegram!

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