– Selling, buying, renting, hiring, valuation of real estate (both preliminary and for the bank)
– Search for a buyer, tenant, real estate to order.
– Consulting on alienation (sale, donation, etc.), renting, inheritance.
– Consulting on tax issues when selling, purchasing, and renting real estate.
– Consulting on investment issues, analytical analysis of the growth / decline in the value of real estate, the prospects of monetary investments in this area.
– Consulting on the issues of lending (buying real estate by lending, types, and possibilities of repayment of loans, etc.)
– Providing all kind of services upon the verification, preparation and drafting the necessary documents. Both legal and technical documentation.
– Services for checking the seller, buyer, tenant/lessee, and landlord/lessor, for reliability, solvency, seriousness of intention, prevention of an unfavourable outcome for the parties to the transaction.
– Legally competent drawing up of contracts – purchase, donation, exchange, lease, hiring, division of property, etc. Verification of any contracts and participation in negotiations of experienced lawyers protecting and defending your interests.
– Provision of services for monitoring of the entire process – sale, purchase, lease, from the beginning of preparation to the transfer for use, receipt of keys and the deed of conveyance.
– We shall help to settle and competently solve situations in the presence of all kinds of mortgage, loan, utility, and tax debts. The settlement of disputes, family disagreements, including hereditary ones. Imposition and removal of encumbrances.
– Services of experienced lawyers, real estate agents, sworn translators.
– We operate with banks and in the field of non-bank lending. We shall help you in taking out a loan or repayment thereof within a short term and with the best practical outcome.
– We operate with both local and foreign clients. We shall find a buyer, select an option to buy property, and help rent it out. Real estate management services. If you are abroad, we conclude an agreement remotely, find a client, document his intentions, and only after that you come to sign the deal. We guarantee you a favourable result.

We provide sellers with free consultations on sales and prices.

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