– We shall find a buyer in a short time at the beneficial price.
– Commissions are minimal. The return is maximum.
– We professionally organize the sale or exchange process.
– Advertising on all demand-side platforms.
– We shall put the documents in order (as necessary).
– During the sale process, we shall protect you from “black brokers”, “tourists”, unscrupulous and insolvent visitors.
– Selection and support when purchasing other real estate (if necessary).
– If there is a debt, we conduct negotiations with the creditor, we decide which way to carry out the transaction.
– Consulting on taxes, legal services.
– We are looking for more acceptable and safe solutions for the parties;
– Solving problems with banks, house management offices, creditors, and bailiffs (if any).
– We shall control the timely receipt of the purchase payment, eliminating risks.

The first meeting and consultation is free.

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